FU-JACK Enterprise Corporation, is a specialist in manufacturing various kinds of capacitors such as motor starting capacitors, motor running capacitors and electromechanical capacitors. These capacitors can be generally used in garage roll-up control motors, mechanical engines, air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, ceiling fans, fans, fluorescent lights, and many kinds of AC motors. Our excellent capacitors help improve the performance of starting and running the motors and enhance the motors power.  

We apply the state-of-the-art technology along with our outstanding skillful technicians and we also have experience in manufacturing for more than a decade. Besides, our sales department keeps a mutual relationship with our clients in order to provide quality products to meet the markets' and customers' needs.

It is easy and simple to plant our capacitors into the motors. Moreover, the dielectric performance of our capacitors is superior while the dielectric loss maintains low. We also offer very competitive prices. Hence, not only we have earned the reputation around the world, but we also have awarded certifications approved by UL(E187630) of the U.S. and VDE(EN60252) of the European countries.

FU-JACK Enterprise Corporation always insists, "Quality is the Life of the Enterprise." We promise to provide premium quality products and make the best efforts in services for your satisfaction.